in-home consultations:

Your breastfeeding needs and concerns addressed in the privacy of your own home. Typical first time visits are 1.5-2 hours.  Please call or submit contact form for pricing.

prenatal education classes:

Classes are held in your home. Gather other expecting couples for a group rate!

private in-home baby basics class:

Class Length: 2 hours
Cost: $180
Description: Learn the basics of caring for a newborn baby. Class includes diapering, bathing, swaddling, soothing techniques, safety and information about when to call your pediatrician. 

private in-home breastfeeding preparation class:

Class Length: 2 hours
Cost: $180
Description: Get the real deal on how to breastfeed your baby. Class covers how to latch your baby, determining whether your baby is getting enough to eat, pumping and storage guidelines, along with other useful information on nursing.

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