what mamas are saying

“After getting home from the hospital, I had to talk myself into every feeding and grit my teeth to get through the pain of each session. Within 20 minutes of Amy arriving at my home for our session, she identified the issues and showed me how to improve my latch and positioning. It made SUCH an instant change, I told her it was like I’d just downed a vodka tonic. 

It was great that when I was in crisis mode, she made the appointment immediately and even adjusted her plans for me when baby’s feeding schedule shifted. Plus, I didn’t grow up around breastfeeding, so reaching out for help from this “stranger” was an odd experience for me. Amy’s warmth and encouragement knocked those qualms out the window, and for proof, baby exceeded his birth weight at 2 week check up. I now know I can meet my goal to breastfeed; especially, as Amy continues to check in with me. ” -Centreville Mama

“Amy has been available with advice and help after our consultation. She checks in with us to see how we are doing and genuinely cares. I am happy to report that at 3 weeks old, my daughter is exclusively breastfeeding and I have not had to supplement with any bottles. If it was not for Amy, I think I would have given up on breastfeeding after the first week. I highly recommend Amy if you are having any issues at all.”     -Arlington Mama



  “Amy is really amazing. She was recommended to us by our pediatrician and I am so glad I called her. This is my first child and though everyone wants breast feeding to be simple and easy, it wasn’t for me. Amy really helped me get my baby to latch on better, help me come up with ways to wake my sleepy baby so she could nurse more effective, and helped me determine how much I should be pumping to ensure adequate supply. I appreciate her thorough assessment, her consistent follow up and her obvious interest in our breastfeeding success. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!” – Falls Church Mama


“We found Amy friendly and personable and enjoyed her down-to earth style.  I immediately called her for home visits when my 3 week old had problems latching and falling asleep too quickly. Amy helped us achieve all our goals within a few days.  Her enthusiasm, support and confidence in our ability when we were ready to give up motivated us to continue and improve everyday!” -Bethesda Mama


“Amy Brucker is wonderful! After our baby girl was born we had Amy come to our house for a nursing session.  As a first time mom I wanted to make sure things were going as well as possible. Amy helped with positioning and latch and generally helped build my confidence. She is positive and made both my husband and I feel incredibly comfortable.  Her advice and help with technique has contributed tremendously to my experience nursing our daughter. I highly recommend Amy for those moms who need help and positive encouragement to make nursing your baby the experience you hope it will be.” – Old Town Mama


“Amy responded immediately to my e-mail, I mean immediately, and set up an appointment to visit our home.  She was the ultimate professional, putting my husband and I at ease.  She helped us see all the positives and gave us strategies for dealing with the challenges.  We laid out goals and milestones and she even sent a report to our pediatrician. Amy continues to follow up regularly and check on us.  When breastfeeding doesn’t go perfectly, it can be frustrating and isolating.  With Amy’s help, we know we’re not alone in figuring this out.” -Bethesda Mama


“I just had my second little girl a few months ago, and like my first daughter, I was having milk production issues again.  Amy came to my rescue!  She not only helped me with increasing my milk supply, but most importantly, she listened to me and my concerns and helped my increase my confidence in nursing my little girl!  She is incredibly professional, personable, loving, and she became my biggest cheerleader!  I hope to have more children, and when/if I do, Amy will be on speed dial, as I couldn’t imagine doing it without her!” -McLean Mama

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